Vintage Meme NFT Drop


To celebrate the launch of the Colony Dapp we are giving away a special 1/1 of 5 NFT series based on the swag that lit up Devcon IV.


Ethereum Devcon IV
Prague, 2018

As modelled by the lovely @auryn_macmillan of Gnosis, Colony’s BUIDL Vitalik swag (in the style of Shepard Fairey’s OBEY Giant) was the hotness at Devcon IV in Prague.

The motif features Ethereum’s reluctant star founder Vitalik Buterin and 'BUIDL', a call to arms to build and contribute to the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem, instead of just passively HODLing. And that, after all, is what DAOs are all about.

How to enter



Like & Quote Tweet the below tweet completing the following sentence: "@joincolony is the best way to build your DAO because..."

Judging etc.

Winners will chosen by the Colony team, and announced during a Twitter Space event on Monday 13th Dec at 18:00 UTC.

Set yourself a reminder so you don't miss it! 👇

Prize Categories


Show of your knowledge of Colony, DAOs, and how much Colony rules.


Funny how? Like a clown? I amuse you? I make you laugh?


Submit your entry in the form of a meme. That's right, a meme for a meme.


GM ape frens! FOMO in on this 1/1 of 5 OG meme. Up only! WAGMI!


For the best entry with a selfie in the shirt they got from us in 2018.